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The process of setting up a company (limited liability company) can be quick and easy. Visit us at our SPOT point in Črnuče, where you will receive all the necessary and useful information to start your business in one place.

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How do I set up a limited liability company (d.o.o.)?

At the SPOT point, we will prepare all the documentation required for the registration of a limited liability company and send it to the local competent court via the national eVEM portal, free of charge. You will need to visit us twice, as this is the standard procedure. And we think you’ll definitely come back for more after your first visit. We always give you a good advice and a good accounting service!

We will carry out the following procedures for you:

  • Entry in the Court Register.
  • Entry in the tax register at FURS, where the company also obtains a tax number.
  • Self-employment or employment of another person.

All you need to bring with you to complete the procedures successfully are: your ID and your tax number. If you will not be carrying out the activity on your own premises, you will also need a declaration from the owner of the building (we can also certify the declaration free of charge at our SPOT if you bring the owner of the building with you). If there are more founders, you should all come.

When setting up a company (limited liability company), only simple procedures are carried out at the SPOT point.

The procedure can be carried out easily and free of charge at a SPOT point if:

  • the total investment in the company (minimum €7,500) is in cash,
  • the founders fully accept the Company Agreement drawn up by the court (in accordance with the Companies Act),
  • the founders or shareholders are not spouses.

The procedure for setting up a company is more complex and requires a visit to a notary in the following cases:

  • The founders are spouses.
  • The share capital at the time of establishment will be an in-kind contribution (all or partly in cash).
  • The founders want to insert specific articles in the Company Agreement that define the relations between them in even greater detail than is provided for in the Companies Act.
  • In cases where a branch office of a foreign company is established.
  • If you intend to set up a company that is not a limited liability company.

To complete the forms, we will need the following information from you:

Entry in the Court Register

  • company name (long and short),
  • business address and registered office,
  • PIN of the founders,
  • The PIN of the director or, if different, the proxy,
  • the main activity of the company; and
  • the activities you will carry out in addition to your main activity, according to the Standard Classification of Activities (SKD),
  • the amount of share capital,
  • the postal address where you wish to receive the Decision on registration of the limited liability company.

We will use the data to produce the following documents:

  • Articles of Association/Company Agreement
  • Decision designating the business address
  • Decision appointing agents
  • Declaration of appointment (of a director or proxy)
  • Declaration by the shareholder (the founder declares that he/she has no outstanding liabilities to the State from previous operations)
  • Electronic book of decisions (for one-person companies)

 Entry in the tax register at FURS

  • Specification of the financial year (calendar or other period).
  • Forecast of income and expenditure for the current year, which is the basis for calculating the income tax advance.
  • Information on whether your d.o.o. (limited liability company) will be normalised.

 Registration of the founder/director to ZZZS

  • Director’s personal data, contract and educational qualifications.
  • This procedure is carried out if the director is not a full-time employee of another company

At the SPOT point, we will prepare all the necessary documents for you to go to the bank and deposit the share capital.

Capital deposit and proof

A deposit account must be opened with a bank to deposit the share capital. Once you have deposited the share capital in this account, the bank will issue you with a share capital deposit slip. On the basis of this certificate, our business consultant will finalise your application and submit it to the competent court.

Procedure time

The court register will process your application within a few days of receipt. After receiving the registration decision, contact the bank again. Upon presentation of the decision, they will convert your deposit account, which you have not been able to use up to that point, into a regular business account and release the funds in that account.

You can also find out more about the whole process of setting up a limited liability company at the national SPOT portal.

What must you do after setting up a limited liability company (d.o.o.)

  • Provide occupational health and safety training for full-time and part-time staff.
  • Issue a risk assessment statement or obtain an assessment from an authorised occupational health and safety officer (depending on the activity).
  • Start bookkeeping immediately (on your own or with your chosen accounting service).

If you have any further questions or would like our help to set up your business, please contact us at +386 59 08 41 68 or visit us at our office.

We offer you a free company set up and comprehensive business consulting!

You can also make simple changes to your business, register the activities of an existing business and more at our SPOT point.

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