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Accounting for small and medium-sized companies.

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Why leave your small or medium-sized business to our accounting team?

  • Because with us you get the most for your money – a quality, professional and affordable service with a personal carer.
  • We can help you with setting up your business, initial business questions and, of course, managing your accounts. We make the initial leap into entrepreneurship with all its administrative procedures easy and time-saving.
  • We assign you a personal account manager who is your accountant and consultant at the same time and is always there to answer your questions.
  • Online accounting – we provide an easy-to-use online programme that enables you to conduct business online quickly and efficiently.
  • In addition to comprehensive accounting, we remind you when you need to pay certain things and prepare payment orders for you to quickly import into your bank.
  • Account managers offer you answers quickly and you can get on with your business.
  • Monthly snapshots to get the best possible insight into your business.
  • We’re flexible and large – the accounting expertise in our team is growing fast , so we can provide you with answers to even the most complex of questions at any time.
  • A large number of branch offices and presence all over Slovenia – including near you.

Prices by cases

Normirani s.p./d.o.o.
from 16,67 € / month
Mikro s.p./d.o.o.
from 60 € / month
Malo podjetje
from 150 € / month
Srednje podjetje
from 350 € / month

* VAT is not included in the prices.

Our aim is to combine the advantages of a large accounting service with the benefits of independent offices, so we can offer you the best solution – your very personal account manager with a strong, expert back office near you. Contact your nearest unit for an individual offer, tailored to your needs.

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