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Accounting for large companies.

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Why leave your large business to our accounting team?

Vizija’s dedicated team of highly experienced professionals and young, up-to-date employees set up turnkey accounting solutions in large companies. From advising on the choice of hardware and software to onboarding staff, carrying out all the other necessary procedures to ensure state-of-the-art, streamlined and, of course, reliable accounting and tax
support for the most demanding organisations in a wide range of activities.

  • A large company needs good administrative support, not necessarily its own accounting service. Our specialised knowledge can be your advantage.
  • Flexibility of an outsourced accounting service – an in-house accountant can mean a high dependency on one person – in the case of outsourced accounting, there is no such dependency.
  • Double-checking – working with an external accountant means at double-checking.
  • Using online accounting, which allows you to be constantly connected and posting daily.
  • Paperless business for faster response times and lower costs.
  • A personal approach and your own account manager, who can also visit you at your company’s headquarters.
  • We can prepare complex reports for your management, tailored to your wishes and needs.
  • Preparation of consolidated balance sheets.
  • We have a large team and a wide range of expertise, which enables us to offer you answers to complex and challenging questions, both in the field of accounting and business in general. 
  • Tax consulting is our daily practice – our advice will help you keep your tax expenses at a minimum.
  • Knowledge of different foreign languages – Business communication in a foreign language is not a problem for our account managers.
  • We can also offer you just controlling – You keep your accounting in-house and our experts check and advise on it.
  • A large number of branch offices and presence all over Slovenia – including near you.

Our aim is to combine the advantages of a large accounting service with the benefits of independent offices, so we can offer you the best solution – your very personal account manager with a strong, expert back office near you. Contact your nearest unit for an individual offer, tailored to your needs.

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