Establishing a sole proprietorship

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We will carry out the following for you free of charge:

  • Entry in the commercial register at AJPES.
  • Entry in the tax register at FURS.
  • Self-employment with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia.
  • Employing a worker as a sole proprietor

And that way, all the conditions will be in place for your business to take off.

To complete the procedures successfully, you will need to bring with you: your ID and your tax number. If you will not be carrying out the activity on your own premises, you will also need a declaration from the owner of the building (we can also certify the declaration free of charge at our SPOT if you bring the owner of the building with you).
Before you come to us, please consider the following items, which are required to be entered in the various registers.

1. AJPES business register

  • date – when you would like to set up the sole proprietorship (date must be within 1 month of completing the form)
  • company name – both short and long, which should include the characteristics of your main business activity
  • business address and registered office
  • the designation of the main of activity (according to Standard Classification of Activities)
  • and what other activities you will be involved in (SKD)
  • where you want to receive the AJPES company registration decision

2. FURS (Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia) tax register

  • How much income and how much expenditure will you have? It is necessary to roughly estimate the amount of income and the amount of expenses for the current year. If you estimate that your income will be higher than your expenditure, you will already be liable for advance tax on your profits in the current year. If you estimate that your income will be lower than your expenditure, you will not pay tax upfront. If your estimate is incorrect and you make a profit, you will pay the tax in one lump sum – in March of the following year.
  • Information on whether you want to determine your tax base on the basis of normalised expenses (so-called normals).
  • Indicate whether the sole proprietorship is a proprietorship in which you are also employed (by virtue of your trade) or an “after-hours sole proprietorship”

3. Self-employment with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia – ZZZS (form M1)

The form will ask for personal data and information about your educational qualifications. Much of the information, required by the form, will be automatically extracted into the form after completing the form for AJPES and will not need to be re-entered.

There are also exceptions that do not require M1 registration when setting up a sole proprietorship – give us a call. We’ll explain more.

Completion of the company establishment process

The registration decision is the last step of the establishment process (you will receive it the day after the day you chose to establish your company). FURS is also supposed to send you a notification, but in practice you often don’t receive it because only certain units send it. We usually send you the M1 form from the VEM point before everyone else, because it is very important if you want to remove yourself from the employment.

You can also find out more about the whole process of setting up a sole proprietorship (s.p.) at the national VEM portal.

What must you do after setting up a sole proprietorship (s.p.)?

  • Open a new transaction account or report an existing transaction account to FURS.
  • Ensure that occupational health and safety documents are in order.
  • Start bookkeeping immediately (on your own or with your chosen accounting service)

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