Establishing a company abroad

Vizija računovodstvo d.d. also operates in other countries.

In all of these countries, we have a network of in-house accountancy services and a variety of specialist contractors who work with us.

We can arrange everything from establishing your company to advising you of the legally correct accounting procedures.

If you want to open a company or a branch office, or if you want to conduct business in a foreign country in accordance with their legislation, we can help you.

Establishing a company in Serbia

We have been present in Serbia for more than 14 years and can set up your company and take care of everything you need to do business in Serbia.

Information on how to set up a company in Serbia can be found at You can also directly contact  Margareta Komjenović on +381 11  715  4 800

Establishing a company in Slovakia

We can also offer you company establishment and account management in Slovakia.

Contact and information for setting up a company in Slovakia can be found at or directly from Mr Miroslav Hric by calling +421 940 633 333