Accounting services

We can tailor our services to large, medium and small businesses. We also specialise in public institutions. We provide a service to our clients that is appropriate to their activity, the way they do business and the scale of their business.

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How to change an accounting service?

Thinking of changing your accounting service but not sure how or when?
Don't worry, changing is easy! We will guide you through the whole process.

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Modern accounting

Let’s use software from different reputable software companies. Most of our customers use the following programmes: Vizija Online (web application), Vasco, AccountingBox, Navision, Pantheon, Saop (iCenter), e-invoices, Pis, MiniMax, Birokrat.

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Vizija Online

Vizija Online is an online solution for the modern entrepreneur who needs access to up-to-date data from anywhere. The software is accessible from any location – you just need internet access.

The most user-friendly programme for small businesses and sole proprietors (s.p.)!

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Controlling and control

Controlling shows entrepreneurs the state of their business in a simple and transparent manner and performs the four basic functions of planning, controlling, informing and guiding.

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