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We know how to adapt our services to large, medium-sized and small companies. We also specialise in public institutions. The versatility of our services and the specificity of each individual company to which we offer our services guides us to perform our services accurately and professionally. We guarantee our business partners services which are suitable for their activities, their methods and the scope of their operations.

Accountancy service VIZIJA performs the following accounting services for you:

  • Keeping the general ledger,
  • Analytic record of current account book, the statements of open headings,
  • Clearing value added tax,
  • Keeping tax records,
  • Catalogue, redeem and revaluate tangible fixed assets,
  • Making annual accounting reports,
  • Making interim balances,
  • The management of cash boxes,
  • Clearance of salaries,
  • Clearance of social contributions for persons liable,
  • Clearance of work contracts and royalties,
  • Recording of retail sale,
  • Keeping of accounts according to cost centres and projects,
  • Making of reports for the Bank of Slovenia (SN, SKV, C…)
  • Producing statistics of financial accounts,
  • Keeping payment transactions,
  • Calculation of interest,
  • Preparation of documentation for acquiring bank loans,
  • Making suggestions for the corporate image of your accounting,
  • Making suggestions for the rationalisation of other procedures connected with accounting,
  • Various other services, if desired by customers.


We pay attention to the initiative of our business partners and have improved our offer with the high quality services of lawyers, notaries, auditors and couriers. We assist in debt collection and human resource management. We organise and of consultation for the maintenance of your information systems.

Our accounting service can either perform the entire account management for you, or, we can take care for certain fields only.

Tax and business consultancy

Our consultants with their extensive approach reduce your tax liabilities to a minimum. Throughout the year we plan and implement strategies which will reduce tax exposure and improve the rate of yield. Our tax professionals are acquainted with the ever changing complex regulations of tax legislation. We fully cooperate with our customers in planning tax solutions and we help to keep them on the right track for success. In the eventual tax control we are present during the whole procedure on your behalf. We guarantee the best results for your company with our knowledge and long-standing experience in tax examinations.

We combine our entire service with a personal approach to each business partner. Your partner in dialogue will be a professional, who has experience not only in the general field of accounting and also with solutions connected to taxation, and they will be completely acquainted with you, your company and the specialities of your operations.

Preventive tax examinations

 Our tax consultants can perform a preventive tax examination for you.

A preventive tax examination is an examination of the complete operations in the field of all taxes similar to how a tax inspector would do it.

A preventive tax examination includes:

  • A preventive examination of the documentation, which refers to the correct fulfilment of tax obligations,
  • Writing a report on the performed examination,
  • Making suggestions for the elimination of shortfalls and irregularities with which you can reduce tax risks in your company,
  • A meeting to explain the findings with the management of the company.

If desired by a business partner, we can perform a preventive tax examination at the beginning of our cooperation.

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