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Anonline solution for the modern entrepreneur who needs access to up-to-date data from anywhere.

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Every business person wants a modern, practical and affordable invoicing software. Gone are the days of creating invoices in Word and Excel. Switch to the online accounting software Vizija Online.

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Vizija Online, online accounting service

All our customers have unlimited access to Vizija Online. Businesses that are not yet customers of Vizija računovodstvo, can get free trial access to the software.

Our customers use Vizija Online software in two ways:

  • Data review and monitoring
    Online, customers simply monitor up-to-date information on customers and suppliers, which is entered into the software by the accounting service.
  • Edit the agreed modules independently
    We talk to the client about which modules of the web-based data entry software they will use themselves, the rest is arranged by the accounting service.
    The software is mostly used to print out invoices, calculate travel orders and so on. The service then electronically downloads payments from the bank, records other documents, so they always have up-to-date information on, for example, their receivables, etc.

100% up-to-date customer and supplier information, anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of using Vizija Online

Anytime, anywhere

Vizija Online is an online solution for the modern entrepreneur who needs access to up-to-date data from anywhere. The software is accessible from any location – you just need internet access. This means you can use Vizija Online at home, at work or even at your clients’ homes. You will be able to connect multiple business units in different locations. Access to up-to-date information is always at your fingertips.

No time-consuming installations and lengthy instructions

The software works in any internet browser, so you don’t need any pre-installation to use it. Forget about reading long instructions and the unnecessary costs associated with installing software.

Automatic upgrades and software refreshes

You will always be using the latest version of the software online. The worries and costs associated with upgrading the software are therefore unnecessary. Every time there is a legal change, a new version with all the necessary adjustments will be waiting for you when you log in.

Fast operation and easy to use

Using Vizija Online is very simple. You don’t need any previous accounting knowledge. There are help guides inside the programme to answer your questions.

Safety and security guaranteed

All your data is protected and is only available to those you trust with your username and password. Different levels of access can be set for different types of users. Renting the application online includes automatic backups to protect your data.

More precision and fewer errors

The software is designed to automatically protect you from some of the more common errors. It also gives you up-to-date mileage, exchange rates and daily allowances. Repetitive company and person details are automatically filled in on the forms, which means less time spent and fewer chances for errors.

Easier planning and more accurate forecasts

Higher volume and clarity of data in one place makes business decisions easier and more accurate. Many companies have already realised that this has reduced their operating costs and increased efficiency and revenue.

How to change an accounting service?

Thinking of changing your accounting service but not sure how or when?
Don't worry, changing is easy! We will guide you through the whole process.

Change your accounting service

You can use Vizija Online software for:

  • invoicing (services, sales of goods and materials), quotations, advance invoices, credit notes, debit notes, delivery notes,
  • orders to customers and suppliers,
  • the receipt of goods and materials and their issue,
  • posting of invoices received, credit notes received,
  • preparing orders to suppliers,
  • preparing payment order batches to be imported into e-bank,
  • importing extracts,
  • keeping stocks of commercial goods and materials,
  • inter-warehouse transfers, price levelling, stock counts – inventories,
  • keeping a register of fixed assets,
  • depreciation calculation,
  • issuing and accounting travel orders,
  • booking the proceeds in the cash register,
  • the possibility of keeping several different cash registers,
  • issuing cash receipts and payments,
  • payrolls, sole proprietor contributions, contributions for company owners, management contracts, holiday bonus, royalties, sub-contracts, rent, sitting fees, payments to apprentices, bonuses,
  • preparing grant payments,
  • keeping records of leave, attendance,
  • VAT accounting,
  • issuing reminders,
  • charging interest on late payment,
  • issuing IOP forms.