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We have 18 branch offices across Slovenia and are also present in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovakia.

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Accounting services and tax consulting

We are the largest accounting service in Slovenia. We are focused on efficient and comprehensive accounting in both the private and public sector. Together we review your business operations and find the optimal solution for you.

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Thinking of changing your accounting service but not sure how or when?
Don't worry, changing is easy! We will guide you through the whole process.

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We employ top accounting and tax consulting experts, who have the knowledge and experience to guide you to the right financial solutions. We take an individual approach to each client, offer modern online accounting and have an international presence.

Tax consulting for entrepreneurs

We are certified tax advisers who can consult on various areas of tax and employment law. We keep you informed about new and amended laws.

Tax consulting

Personal accountant

We assign you an account manager – personal accountant, who will delve into your business, get to know all the specifics of your business and be able to give you specific advice.


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Start your entrepreneurial journey with us. You can establish a company in our office in Črnuče. Friendly consultants will provide you with useful information on how to start a sole proprietorship or other type of company.

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Affordable online accounting services

With Vizija Online Accounting, we reduce your costs. By automating your accounting processes and optimising data management, we can provide you with great value for money.

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International presence

We have branch offices in six countries. Our knowledge of country-specific legislation enables us to offer our international clients an efficient and comprehensive accounting service.

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You can find us at 18 branch offices in Slovenia. In each one of them, a professional team of accountants and tax consultants will look after you. Contact us. We will prepare an informative quote, tailored to your wishes and specificities.

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Vizija računovodstvo

We are the leading company in Slovenia in the field of bookkeeping and tax consulting. Our slogan, “Business-friendly accounting service”, reflects our open, accessible, responsive and at the same time professional attitude towards all our clients. Accounting services are tailored to the size of the company, the activity, the way and the scope of the business. We are a trustworthy employer.  We strive for social responsibility towards our employees, society and the environment.

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We have received numerous awards that confirm the quality of our work.

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