Business consulting

Accounting is deeply intertwined with day-to-day business decisions. We can help you with your business challenges too.

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Do you have a business issue that you don’t know how to solve, who to turn to?

Accounting is intertwined with business decisions, and our experts receive many questions related to business consulting.

When starting a business, an entrepreneur faces many questions:

  • Where do I open my own company?
  • Do I need to open a business transaction account?
  • Do I need any special permits for my business activity?

In their day-to-day business, an entrepreneur may ask:

  • Do I need to know which collective agreement I am bound by?
  • Can I apply for a grant?
  • Do my statements show a good credit rating?

We find a solution for every  business issue

We can help answer these and many other business-related questions, point you in the right direction, get you in touch with the right people, and get you in touch with our external contractors. That’s the advantage of a larger accounting service. There is always the right person and the right solution for your business challenge.

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