Additional services

In addition to accounting and tax services, we will also help you with other services for successful and efficient business.

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In addition to professional accounting services and efficient tax consulting, we offer a wide range of additional services that are essential if you want your business to be a success.

  • we provide an invoicing accounting software (Vizija Online),
  • preparing enforcement actions,
  • preparing reminders,
  • interest calculation,
  • registering vacancies and registering workers for insurance,
  • worker deregistration,
  • preparation of interim reports for external users,
  • assistance in obtaining funding, including grants,
  • preparation of investment programmes, business plans,
  • collection and delivery of documents via our reliable courier,
  • modern electronic document collection,
  • legal aid,
  • assistance with mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, sole proprietorships,
  • registration in the VAT system,
  • assistance in setting up a tax register,
  • comprehensive business consulting,
  • notarial services,
  • a performance audit with the opinion of a certified auditor,
  • company valuations,
  • credit rating checks,
  • assistance with judicial recovery,
  • arranging work permits,
  • assistance in setting up a virtual office,
  • sharing an office.

Establishing a company abroad

We can arrange everything from establishing your company to advising you of the legally correct accounting procedures. If you want to open a company or a branch office, or if you want to do business in a foreign country in accordance with the law , we can help you with this.

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