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Want to open a sole proprietorship?

With our help this process is extremely fast and easy, so we advise all those who would like to start a business to stop by our office, as they will receive a ton of useful information all in one spot.

Our consultants will offer you free of charge:

  • Entry into the business registry at AJPES (Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services)
  • Entry into the tax registry with FURS (The Slovenian Tax Administration)
  • Self-employment through ZZZS (The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia)

After that you’ll have everything you need to start your business.

All you need to have with you is a form of personal identification and a tax ID number. If you will not be performing your registered business activity on your own premises, you will need a consent form from the owner of the building (this consent can be notarized at the VEM Access Points, but the owner needs to be present).

Before stopping by, consider the following:


1. The AJPES Business Registry

  • Desired founding date (within 3 months of filling out the paperwork)
  • The company’s short-form and long-form name
  • Company address and headquarters
  • The registered activities that you will perform SKD  and their codes
  • The address where you want the notice of registration from AJPES delivered

2. The FURS Tax Registry

  • Prediction of income and expenditure for a given year so as to determine the tax base. You must get an estimate of your expected income for the given year, as well as an estimate of expenditures. If your expected income is higher than your expenditures, you will need to pay taxes in advance. If you expect an operating loss, you will not have to prepay taxes. If your estimate is incorrect and you actually make a profit, you will pay taxes in a lump sum – in March of the following year.
  • Information about whether or not you want your tax base to be determined on the basis of flat-rate expenses
  • Determination of whether or not it will be a sole proprietorship with employees (who perform the company’s registered business activity) or a so-called “afternoon s.p.”, where the owner is employed full-time elsewhere and runs their business after hours

3. Self-employment at the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (Form M1)

The form requires personal information and information on your level of education. A lot of information is required, but after filling out the form for AJPES this information will be automatic and you won’t have to submit it again.

It will not be necessary to fill out this form if you are employed in a different company or if you are a student or are retired. These are the profiles that fit what we call colloquially an “afternoon sole proprietorship”.


After your business consultant electronically submits all the mentioned forms (eVEM portal), you will get a certified main with a notification of registration (usually the day after the day you selected for the founding of your company). FURS should also send you a notification, but in practice it often occurs that you don’t receive such a notification, as only certain branches actually send them. If you are employed with another company, ZZZS will send you an M1/M2 form, which is extremely important, as you will need it if you ever want to close your business.
You can read more about the whole process of founding an s.p. on the link to the national VEM portal.


What must you do when founding an s.p?

  • Open a separate, business account at your bank of choice
  • Take occupational safety and health training
  • Submit a statement on risk assessment or obtain such from a person authorized for occupational safety and health (depending on business activities)
  • Immediately begin keeping accounting records (either by yourself or through the accounting service of your choice)

Have any other questions or want our help in founding a business? Contact us by phone at 01 2443 793 or visit one of our offices..

We will open your business free of charge, or offer the even more popular option of business consulting.

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