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Want to open a d.o.o.?

The procedure is a little more demanding, but have no fear: our consultants will help with this, too.

How do you open a d.o.o.?

Your business consultant at the VEM Access Point will put all the documentation together for you, so you can register your d.o.o. They will also send it through the eVEM state portal to the local court with jurisdiction. You will need to visit our offices twice, as that’s what the procedure requires. We certainly believe that you will return after the first visit, for good advice and even better accounting, of course.

We will do the following procedures for you:

  • Entering your company into the judicial registry at the relevant District Court.
  • Entry into the tax registry with FURS and acquisition of a tax ID number.
  • Self-employment or employing someone else (submitting form M1/M2 to ZZZS).

All you need to have with you is a form of personal identification and a tax ID number. If you will not be performing your registered business activity on your own premises, you will need a consent form from the owner of the building where you intend to provide your services (this consent can be notarized at the VEM Access Points, but the owner needs to be present).

If there are several founders and representatives, they will also need to bring a form of ID with them.

In opening a d.o.o. VEM Access Points can only perform the simplest procedures.

You can complete the procedure at a VEM Access Point easily and free of charge in the following cases:v naslednjih primerih:

  • The founders or shareholders are not married.
  • The founder(s) will invest the share capital in cash upon opening the company.
  • The founders accept in their entirety the articles of association that the court drafts for them (in accordance with the Companies Act (ZGD)), without wanting to add any special articles that would more precisely regulate mutual relationships.

The procedure is more demanding and requires that you see a notary public in the following cases:

  • The founders are married.
  • Collateral will be used as share capital (entirely or in combination with money).
  • The founders want to add special articles to the articles of association, regulating mutual relations in more detail than the Companies Act provides.


We will need the information below to fill out all the paperwork:

1. Entry in the judicial register

  • The company’s short-form and long-form name
  • Company address and headquarters
  • The founder’s or founders’ personal identification numbers
  • The personal identification number of the company’s CEO or managing director
  • The registered activities that you will perform
  • The amount of share capital (which can be the prescribed €7,500 or more)
  • The address where you would like to receive your notification of registry for your d.o.o.

Based on the information you provide we will draft the following documents:

  • Articles of Association
  • A resolution on the company’s address
  • A resolution on the company’s representatives
  • A statement on naming the CEO or managing director
  • A shareholder statement (where the founder(s) declare(s) that they have no unfulfilled obligation to the state from a former business venture)
  • A consolidated electronic format for all of these statements and resolutions (for single-person companies)

2. Entry into the tax registry with FURS

  • Determination of the financial year (calendar year or other)
  • Prediction of income and expenditure for a given year, and with it profits and loss
  • Information about whether or not you want your tax base to be determined on the basis of flat-rate expenses

3. Registering the Founder/Director at the Health Insurance Institute

  • Information on the level of education
  • Employment contract
  • This process is carried out if the founder is not employed full-time at another company.

After our consultant at the VEM Access Point puts together all your forms, you will sign them and then you will received your company of the Articles of Association, a copy of the declaration of representatives, and the resolution on the determination of headquarters, after which you will be sent to the bank to deposit your share capital.
4. Depositing Capital and the Receipt

You must open an escrow account to deposit share capital. After doing so you will receive a receipt. With this receipt your consultant will complete your registration and submit it to the responsible court.

How Long Does the Process Last?

The judicial registry will approve your registration in a few days after its receipt. If you need to supplement your application, you and our office will be notified. When the registration fits the court’s requirements, they will send a resolution on registry by certified mail.

With this resolution you must return to your chosen bank. When they receive the court’s resolution on registry, they will convert your escrow account into a regular business account.

You can read more about the whole process of founding an s.p. on the link to the national VEM portal.


What must you do after opening a d.o.o.?

  • Take occupational safety and health training and provide such courses for full-time and part-time employees
  • Submit a statement on risk assessment or obtain such from a person authorized for occupational safety and health (depending on business activities)
  • Immediately begin keeping accounting records (either by yourself or through the accounting service of your choice)

Have any other questions or want our help in founding a business? Contact us by phone at 01 2443 793 or visit one of our offices..

We will open your business free of charge, or offer the even more popular option of business consulting.

You can also make simple changes at our VEM Access Points, like registering new activities for an existing company, as well as many other procedures.

We suggest giving us a call or stopping by. We will be the perfect solution for your professional decision.

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