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Why should you leave your large business to our accounting staff?

  • Large businesses need administrative support, not necessarily their own accounting department. Our specialized knowledge can be your advantage.
  • The flexibility of an external accounting service: with internal accounting companies can come to be extremely dependent on one person, while with an external partner there is no such dependence.
  • Double control – working with external accounting reduces redundancy.
  • Online accounting that lets you be connected 24/7, so your transactions are documented on a daily basis.
  • Paperless operations for better responsiveness and lower costs.
  • A personal approach from a personal account manager, who can travel to your company’s headquarters.
  • We produce the most challenging reports for management, which we can adapt to your needs and wishes.
  • We also make consolidated balance sheets.
  • Our team is large and boasts a wide range of expertise, allowing us to provide answers to the most difficult and complex questions, both related to accounting and to running a business in general.
  • Tax consulting is our everyday business – our advice will keep the amount you spend on taxes at an absolute minimum.
  • Knowledge of several foreign languages – professional communication in a foreign language poses no problem for our account managers.
  • We can also provide mere oversight: you take care of accounting internally and our experts check your work and offer you advice.
  • A large number of offices throughout Slovenia – even right near you!

Our objective is to combine the advantages of a large accounting firm with those of independent offices, as this provides our customers with the best possible solution: a personal account manager near you with strong, professional support in the background. Contact the closest office for a personal price quote tailored to your needs.

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