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General Manager Lidija Babnik

Vizija accounting is a truly loyal partner, in which we trust completely.

MennYacht d.o.o., Portorož

General manager Matjaž Murko

Our company also sails successfully in business waters due to the accounting services of Vizija accounting. We are a company with an international reputation and we need a service with the same reputation, and Vizija accounting has it.

KNAUF LJUBLJANA d.o.o., Ljubljana

Holder of procuration Jože LJUBIČ

I personally think that one of the most important qualities of our cooperation is a respect for what we previously agreed upon. The company Vizija accounting has been in this respect in Europe for a long time.

GA, gospodinjski aparati d.d.

Head of Finances Tanja HRUZA

A year and a half ago we decided to transfer a part of accounting tasks back to our company. This decision grants us an up-to-date processing of data and an immediate insight into data, which are the basis for the best and quick decisions for managing the company. In order to achieve that Vizija is in great help to us with its advice and information that keeps us on the right track. Friendly, accessibility, high-quality and wish for success are the things that we hope will continue in our future collaboration.

VELOG d.o.o., Ljubljana

General Manager Karel BRAVC

After 10 years of cooperation, Vizija accounting does not only represent an accounting service. They contributed to the successful operations of our company with their advice and professional attitude.

MEDISAN d.o.o., Kranj

General Manager Marija SOFRONIEVSKI

I support your constant endeavours to improve the educational structure of employees and the maintenance of business excellence. We have a very good experience with Vizija accounting. The consultants are reliable, highly professional and they perform their work in a friendly and professional way.

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